Market researches - 24/10/06

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Pyramid Research, carriers are lowering their capex thanks to increasingly inexpensive equipment. It said telecom equipment costs have dropped by nearly 20% annually over the past 4-5 years. Price erosion is mainly driven by joint procurement deals (after merger/ acquisitions or partnership between carriers), low-cost equipment suppliers (such as Huawei) and high volumes for China and India.

  • According to Strategy Analytics, mobile IM could grow to a $2bn market by 2010.

  • According to Idate, French are spending €112 a month for ITC services, of which 44% for mobile services.

  • ABI found that Siemens leads in IPTV middleware vendors.

  • According to Analysys, China would have over 22m handheld TVs in 2010, of which 2/3 would be digital broadcasting network-based and 1/3 would be streaming media-based.

  • Analysys predicts that non-voice services share would double to about 25% by 2011, from current 13%. The biggest drivers of this growth are entertainment services and messaging.

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