Fixed operator strategies - 19/10/06

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MTN Nigeria has opened a $300m Fiber Optic Backbone. Phase I and II are completed, constituting 2420 km of fiber optic network, out of the final project of 3536km.

Du (UAE) has started WiMAX trials in Dubai.

Arcor (Germany) has started to sell the Arcor-Twintel dual-mode (WLAN/ GSM) phones.

Singapore is offering free WiFi 512Kbit/s access for two years.

Asia Netcom is planning to build a $1bn new transpacific cable with its partners before 2008.

SaskTel (Canada) is launching High Definition TV (HDTV) as a part of an IPTV service.

NTT West has launched a wireless mesh service covering 100 Japanese cities or a population of 50m Japanese.

PTC (Poland) is entering the fixed-line market.

ATT reiterates it is sticking with its FTTN Project Lightspeed broadband access network.

Bulgaria plans to tender WiMAX licenses in the 26 GHz frequency range at the end of November this year.

DT has finally launched Internet TV offer in Germany, solving technical problems preventing it to launch the service in June for the World Soccer Cup.

Verizon will spin-off its directories activities. The new company will be called Idearc.

Algeria Telecom targets to double its number of internet subscribers to 6 m by 2009.

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