Operator results - 19/10/06

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Telkom (Sth Africa) reports a 10.3% increase in FY revenues to $7.2bn, a 17% increase in EBITDA to $ 3.1bn and a 30% net profit increase to $ 2.2bn. Revenues are split 2/3 in fixed revenues (+3.7%) and 1/3 in mobile revenues (from 50% stake in Vodacom).

Etisalat reports a 26% growth rate in 9-mo revenues to $ 3.2bn, with operating income rising 36% to $1.1bn and net profit growing 36% to $1.2bn. Etisalat targets to be among the top 10 telecom operators in the world by 2010.

MTC (Kuwait) posted a 1.5% increase in 9-mo revenues to $2.9bn and a 64% increase in profits to $767m, as well as an EBITDA increase of 78% to $1.4bn.

Yahoo posted 3Q06 net profit down 37% to $159m on revenues up 19% to $1.6bn. Results are below expectations.

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