WiMAX World wrap up

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WiMAX World was held in Boston last week. It is a good occasion to review top vendor's offerings.

Alvarion introduced a “low-cost” WiMAX system in the 3.5GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, with built-in WiFi connectivity.

Nortel unveiled its mobile WiMAX portfolio, including new MIMO base station transceivers, access service network gateways, mobile subscriber stations and network management systems. According to the company, its MIMO-powered WiMAX solution can deliver broadband content for 1/10 the cost per bit of 3G networks. Products to be available by mid-2007. Nortel deployed a trial network in Moscow.

Nokia has joined the pack of WiMAX suppliers with its new Flexi WiMAX Base Station for indoors and outdoors operation. Products will be available from end -07, and WiMAX-capable mobile devices in 2008.

Motorola focus on mobile WiMAX and perform handoffs to a WiMAX end-user device. Indoors and outdoors operation available with its CPEi Series. It did not yet announced plans for WiMAX phones.

Intel unveiled the Intel WiMAX dual mode (fixed and mobile) Connection 2250, capable of supporting all global WiMAX frequencies.

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