European ICT market growing

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According to EITO, the European information technology and telecommunications (ICT) market should rise 3% in 2006 to €644bn. Information technology market should grow 3.8% to €305bn, while the telecom market is to increase by 2.5% to €339bn. 2007 forecast is based on 4.2% growth rate for the IT market and 1.7% growth rate for the telecom market. The ICT market should reach €663bn (up 2.9%) globally. Leading countries for growth are respectively Spain with 5.2%; the UK with 3.3%; France with 2.7%; Italy with 2% and Germany with 1.6%.

In the IT market, software (+6.3%) and services (+5.%) are driving growth in 2006, and that would continue in 2007. Hardware would report a less favorable outlook with the server market declining by 0.3%, and the PC market by 1.2% in 2006. A modest gain should be expected in 2007. Overall the IT market should grow to €318bn.

In the telecom market (TLC), mobile services should grow by 3.8%, while fixed voice services should fall by 4.3% in 2006. "The future is in broadband services, IPTV, and fresh online content”. In 2007, mobile services are expected to grow by 2.8%, fixed voice services continue to fall by 4.3%, while data services should increase by 7.8%. In total, the TLC market in 2007 should reach €345bn.

Tables and figures related to the European ICT market are available for download at EITO's website:

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