Telco 2.0

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Telco2.0 is a new industry body, formed with traditional telecom operators but cooperating with vendors and ISPs, to focus on developing new offers that will create new revenue streams on top of access. The move has been initiated by KT (Sth Korea). KT warned that operators have to go further than just thinking developing current broadband revenues: based on its own experience, KT warned that broadband revenue is set to dry up as penetration rises and approaches saturation. Operators have to face the threat to their core revenues posed by new entrants, price erosion, new services, ... All telecoms operators are in the same boat and have common interest to set up a new business model. Telco2.0 would operate under the umbrella of the IEC, establish working groups by Dec. 06 and start working by Jan. 07.

Another body to be added to a lot of existing ones (ITU, ..). Bureaucracy has almost the same goal: create a new commission when a problem rises. Endless story!

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