Subscriber figures - 13/10/06

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T-Mobile USA has about 23.3m cellular subscribers.

Globalcom (Nigeria) has connected about 8m cellular subscribers.

Virgin Mobile is close to reach 5m subscribers.

Bangladesh currently has about 9m mobile phone subscribers and around 1m fixed-line phones, for a population of 144m.

India has added record 6.1m new subscribers in Sept., of which 4.4m are GSM and 1.7m are CDMA.

Total mobile subscribers amount to over 112m.

MTS (Russia) had 67.6m mobile subscribers as of end of Sept.

Ivory Coast mobile market has reached 2.7m subscribers as of June 06.

Ukraine mobile subscriber base rose 1.6m in Sept. to a total of 40.4m.

Russia mobile subscriber base rose 1.7m in Sept. to a total of 148m.

Fastweb (Italy) had almost 1m subscribers.

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