Undo and re-do

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Could be the moto in the current telecom industry. Split then consolidate is another version already used; remember the mobile industry few years ago, and now the race to re-consolidate fixed and mobile businesses. But this memo is not is not on operators or vendors. It is on US telecom xhibition. Conferences. For years, Supercomm was one of the best telecom events, managed by two associations, TIA and USTelecom. In 2005 it was split in two, each partner trying to draw the blanket. The result was two poor-attended shows: Globalcomm and TelecomNEXT. The pendumum is now going in the opposite direction. Both events will merge back and disappear into NXTcomm, a new event to be held June 18-21, 2007, in Chicago, and furiouly looking as Supercomm!!. Undo and re-do, along with changing the name, has not a strong business output, but at least gives the impression of a brownian shaking. Long life to NXTcomm!

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