Mobile operator strategies - 07/10/06

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FT has cancelled its plan to become MVNO in the US, using Cingular network. The market seems too crowded with big players and 30 MVNOs.

SkyLink (Russia) announced plans to launch Mobile TV service early in 2007,

Crown Castle has agreed to buy smaller rival Global Signal for $4bn in cash and stock. It will now control up to 24,000 mobile sites.

Mobistar (Belgium) is launching a new option to its Business Everywhere offer with WiFi access. Business customers could access more than 14,000 hotspots in Belgium and abroad.

Vodafone has selected IBM and EDS to manage application development and maintenance services. Some 6,300 employees will be impacted. Elsewhere, It said it will fund, in team with UN, the humanitarian group Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF).

DT has paid about €600m to Elektrim in order to buy out its stake in PTC (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa). DT will now own 97% of the Polish mobile phone company.

Hutchison Essar (India) has completed the acquisition of Essar Spacetel from the Essar Group.

SFR (France) has launched a new mobile offer: free and unlimited calls to fixed numbers from home 24/24 and 7/7 for €15 a month.

ARCEP, the French regulator, is launching a new roundfor the fourth 3G licence in France that did not find a buyer since 2001. Responses are expected until Nov. 17.

T-Mobile USA plans to spend $2.7bn to deploy a UMTS network in the US during the next two to three years. The new network should be completed in 2008, but should be commercialy opened for mid-2007. T-Mobile recently bought necessary spectrum for $4.2bn

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