Market researches - 05/10/06

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Informa, mobile handset sales growth rate should slow in coming years. If growth should be 16% this year, it should slow to less than 10% in 2007. The CAGR should be around 7.5% during the 2006-2011 period. 943M units should be shipped in 2006.

  • Ericsson forecasts 1m 3G users in Argentina next year.

  • According to ABI, around 54m private operator-branded mobile phones will be shipped worldwide this year. They will generate some $8.7bn in revenues.

  • The European Commission has published a survey showing that almost all schools have an internet connection and that 2/3 of the EU's schools benefit from a broadband internet access.

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