Mobile vendor strategies - 05/10/06

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Nokia will integrate Trimble’s patented Global Navigation Satellite System technology in its handsets. It will also launched a new wireless, short-range connectivity technology that should compete/replace with Bluetooth. Its main advantage is a low power consumption (about 1/10 of that of Bluetooth), a data speed of 1Mbit/s, a 0-10m range and should be available in 2Q07.Its name is Wibree!

Nokia is working with Orange to create an Orange specific software package to facilitate device customization.

Sony-Ericsson targets the third position in the handset market, while it is shipping more than 11m units less than Samsung, current third vendor.

LG should start assembling mobile phones in Argentina's southern Tierra del Fuego province in 2007.

Motorola successfully demonstrated, with FT (France), video streaming with a seamless handover between EDGE and Wi-Fi.

mobilkom Austria is the only operator that has filed an application to receive documentation on a a third mobile licence for GSM and UMTS networks in Serbia.

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