Interoperability program launched, finally!

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More than 20 telecom industry vendors have create a new industry trade association focused on creating an interoperability testing and certification program – the Communications Platforms Trade Association (CP-TA).

The well-known problems facing CP-TA are inconsistent interpretations of mandatory requirements, no common benchmark for conformance or certification and low confidence in platform interoperability. So, CP-TA will focus on certification. Motorola, Intel, HP, Nortel and Siemens are among the founding members, with

Shlomo Pri-Tal, from Motorola, as chairman of CP-TA. The CP-TA certified building blocks and base platforms will help network equipment providers reduce lifetime cycle management and integration costs, increase flexibility, increase supply chain flexibility. On the other side, service providers will benefit from increased reliability, flexibility and scalability of their networks, faster time to market. Along-awaited win-win proposal.

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