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3Q08 market figures show that the worldwide mobile phone industry was impacted by the global financial and economical crisis. Forget the 20% growth rate, 3Q08 figure is a decline of 0.4% qoq and up 3% yoy, and a total of 299m units shipped during the month. IDC estimates that 2009 would be slower and more competitive as well. The only segment reporting growth is the smartphone segment, marked with the introduction of the iPhone and the G1. That positioned Apple as the 6th largest handset vendor in the world and the 3rd in size by revenues!!!The most impacted regions by the slowdown were Western Europe, Latam, and Asian developed countries, while MEA, China and Indonesia continue to grow. Shipments in China grew by 8%, dominated by Nokia (48% in GSM), Samsung and Motorola. Domestic vendors captured a 24% share of the GSM market and 31% share of the CDMA market. In the US, the market is worth some 47m units in the quarter (+6%), dominated by Samsung (22%), Motorola (21%+) and LG (21%-). Motorola is under pressure, as it lost 11.6p market share in one year and its position in its domestic market is key for recovering.

Worldwide figures: Nokia shipped 118m units and maintained a 39% market share; Samsung gained 2.6p market share to 17.3% with 52m units (+22%) delivered, ahead of Sony Ericsson with 25.7m units shipped and 8,6% share, while Motorola continues to dive with only 25.4m units delivered (-32%) and a meager 8,5% market share. LG suffered during the quarter with 7.7% market share and 23m units shipped.

In the smartphone OS market, Symbian is still by far the most popular for smartphones with a 50% market share (but down from 63% in 2007); Linux/Android currently has a 11% market share and Apple 10%.

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