Vendor Corner - 11/11/08

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Apple has sold over 6,8m iPhones 3G in the quarter (bringing its total to over 13m, surpassing its target); 2,6m Macs (+21%); 11m iPods (+8%).

NSN reports it has deployed over 130 radio networks in the world, providing service to over 130m W-CDMA/HSPA subscribers, and provides equipment to 18 of the 25 biggest 3G operators in the world.

Nokia is launching seven new affordable mobile phones for emerging markets.

Motorola would work on an Android-based mobile phone, to be available in the US in 2Q09. It, elsewhere, launched a new luxury handset, called “Aura”, worth $2000. It has completed over-the-air LTE data sessions in the 700 MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum, and announced its products will be commercially available next year.

Tellabs launches a restructuring effort, including cutting 280 jobs, cutting development efforts in its Access business, and focus on higher growth areas – i.e. mobile backhaul, optical networking and business services delivery.

Huawei announced it has successfully deployed its 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) prototype. It will enter the smartphone market in 2009,

ALU launches a new metro WDM platform, called 1830 PSS 32. It is teaming with Openwave to develop pre-configured software solutions for service providers.

Qualcomm/ Snap Track is facing a $1bn patent lawsuit from Gabriel Technologies

Fujitsu and Siemens will stop their co-operation in Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, with Fujitsu buying half of Siemens stake in Fujitsu-Siemens for €450m.

Intel is going out of VMware, while Cisco and EMC will buy 500,000 shares each.

Oracle buys Australian RuleBurst/Haley, a specialist of business rules management systems (BRMS).

Bang & Olufsen gives up the mobile phone market to focus on more core competencies.

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