Financial Performance (1) - 11/11/08

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Microsoft reports 3Q08 sales of $15.1bn (+9%), and net benefit of $4.4bn. It also announced a downwards change of its 2009 margin forecasts.

Apple announced FY results of $32.5bn in sales (+35%) and a net income of $4.8bn.

Google said its 3Q08 revenues rose 31% to $5.4bn, of which 51% are international.

ATT' s 3Q08 figures show a 4% increase in revenues to $31.3bn, $5.6bn (+6%) in operating income, and $3.2bn (+5.5%) in net income.

Verizon said it earned $1.7bn (+31%) in the quarter, on revenues of $ 24.7bn (+4%).

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China Mobile reported 3Q08 net profit of $4.1bn (+26%) and sales grew 51%.

PT Indosat saw its 3Q08 net income falling 30% to $42m, on revenues up 15% to $490m.

KDDI announced a 27% gain in 3Q08 net profit to $1.4bn and is on track to reach its annual target of $4.4bn.

SK Telekom said its 3Q08 earnings fell 57% to $227m, on sales up 3% to $1,9bn.

Teliasonera reports 3Q08 net profit of €575m, down 12%, on revenues of €3.1bn, up 4%.

Telesp (Brazil) announced 3Q08 net profit of $267m, up 13%, while revenues grew 13% to $1,8bn. Its EBITDA rose 9% to $750m.

US Cellular earned $90m (+42%) on revenues of $1bn (+5%) in 3Q08.

MetroPCS said its profit fell 15% to $45m on revenues up 23% to $690m.

Reliance (India) reported revenues of $1,2bn (+23%) and net income of $315m (+17%).

Bharti Airtel announced a 27% profit increase to $412m on revenues up 42% to $1.8bn. EBITDA rose 37% to $747m.

PLDT (Philippines) reported 3Q08 net profit was down 28% , due to ailing Philippine peso. 9-mo results were more acceptable with consolidated net profit up 2% to €390m, EBITDA up 6% to €976m and wireless revenues growing 7% to €1bn, while wireline revenues were up 2% to €546m.

Iliad (France) saw its 3Q08 revenues grow by 30% to €400m (including integration of Alice) .

T-Mobile USA announced a decrease of 2% to $442m in net profit, while revenues grew by 1% to $5,5bn.

Telecom NZ posted a 3% decline in EBITDA to $466m.

Belgacom said its 3Q08 net profit fell 7% to €215m, on revenues of €1.5bn, down 3%.

Turkcell reports a 51% increase in net profit to $604m, on revenues increasing 19% to $2.1bn and EBITDA growing by 9% to $839m.

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