Financial Performance (2) - 11/11/08

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Ericsson' s 3Q08 net profit was down 28% to €298m, but revenues grew 13% to €5.2bn. EBITDA was €1.85bn and operating income grew 1% to €607m.

Motorola lost $397m in 3Q08, on revenues of $7.5bn (down 15%). Revenues in the handset division was $3.1bn, down 31% and the division lost $840m.

ALU remains in the red, but cuts losses. 3Q08 net loss is “only” €40m (down from a loss of €345m) on sales worth €4.1bn (down 6.6%).

LG announced 3Q08 net profit of $24m, down 93%, while sales and operating profit increased 21%.

Tellabs achieved $424m in 3Q08 revenues, down 7%, of which almost $300m in the US (flat). It recorded a loss of $1bn, including a non-cash goodwill impairment charge of $988m. The revenue breakdown gives $260m in broadband revenues (down 7%; but access part is down 28% to $157m and data networking revenues are up 19% to $68m); transport revenues amounted to $109m (-11%) and services were flat at $55m.

ZTE reported 3Q08 orders of $1,6bn (+29%) and profits of $44m (+68%). For the first nine months, orders and profits were respectively $4,4bn (+29%) and $142m (+32%).

Samsung had a bad 3Q08 quarter with net income down 44% to $924m, and sales up 22%,

Cisco anticipates a decrease in revenues (5% to 10%) and therefore prepares to cut $1bn in expenses. It reported FY1Q08 revenues of $10.3bn (+8%) and net income of $2.2bn (flat).

BigBand announced better than expected results: revenues were up 25% to $48m and profit was $3m (vs a loss of $12m).

UTStarcom released 3Q08 results: sales were down 27% to $181m proforma, net operating loss of $35m, and a net loss of $56m

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