Vendor Corner - 21/10/08

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HP unveils enhancements to its OpenVMS operating system. The new system 8.4 will be available in 2H09.

Apple has already sold 5m iPhone 3G (to add to 3.1m iPhone first version). The target for Apple is to reach 10m units (in total) by the end of the year.

Cisco is investing over $1bn in India and 20% of Cisco' s top management will be based in India.

INQ, a new unit of Hutchison Whampoa to be launched this week, plans to bring low-end, social networking phones to the UK (trough 3UK) and U.S, using BREW, and integrating Facebook, eBay, MSN and Skype.

LG launches a new Prada phone in Europe.

Samsung upgrades the ACE smartphone for Sprint with GPS, Windows Mobile 6 and Office Mobile 6.

picoChip has made its PC8808 TD-SCDMA femtocell software available and the first customer is Digimoc, a Chinese femtocell product vendor.

NSN has started to ship LTE-enabled base station hardware. More than 10 operators will receive such hardware by the end of 2008. It said it will increase its workforce in China in order to prepare for the roll-out of China Mobile' s new TD-SCDMA network. It invested $70m in a new R&D facility in Chennai, India.

Motorola introduces a new touch-screen cell phone, the Krave ZN4, as well as the new Q11 fully featured smartphone.

Ericsson could face penalties due to the delay to deploy Vodafone Australia' s 3G network expansion.

ALU could sell about 21% stake in Thales to Dassault.

ZTE has been banned from entering into tenders for six months by Telenor, for breaching its code of conduct.

RIM is facing shortfalls with software bugs of its BlackBerry Bold smartphone.

ADC has expanded its OmniReach FTTX product portfolio with the NCX-XBA Cross Box Add-on, ComProtect Building Entrance Terminal (BET), LSX 288-Panel and Multiport Service Terminal (MST).

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