Operator Corner (1) - 13/10/08

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Etisalat announced it plans to buy a Middle-Eastern telecom operator and enter the Iraqi telecom market.

TDC cancels its plan to sell Hungarian Telephone and Cable Corporation (HTCC).

OTE launches an IPTV trial.

FT/ Orange has been awarded a 3G license in Armenia for € 50m.

SFR' s cellular network (France) had a shortfall last Monday with about 3m subscribers out of service for half the day.

Vodafone UK launched downloading bestselling titles on mobile phones.

Vodafone has increased its offer on Vodacom (S. Africa) to $2.5bn.

Telefonica will offer access to Facebook’ s mobile service and applications.

MTS launches 3G trial in Uzbekistan.

BT and Etisalat are teaming to set up an international centre for telecommunications research and innovation in UAE.

Tiscali backs Telecom Italia' s broadband network spin-off, while Fastweb finds it is a bad solution for the Italian telecom market.

Tele2 launches a mobile TV service in Estonia.

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