Operator Corner (2) - 13/10/08

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Vodafone Australia cut its 1 GB mobile broadband plan by 33% in anticipation of lower consumer confidence.

KT (S. Korea) will work with Apple to combine the iPhone and its high-speed internet WIBRO services.

SingTel plans to increase its fixed line rates and cut costs, taking into account 12-18 months of uncertainty and economic slowdown.

BSNL and BT are partnering to provide a number of managed telecom services throughout India.

Telstra has not yet decided to bid for the construction of the national broadband network [NBN]. It is deploying Enhanced HSPA (eHSPA) for 21 Mbit/s downloads.

ATT said that about half of its new iPhone subscribers switched from Verizon Wireless, 24% from T-Mobile and 20% from Sprint.

MiPhone (Jamaica) will change its name to Claro. MiPhone is part of America Movil.

Despite the crisis, Verizon is on track to swallow Alltel by the end of the year; it proposes to divest 15 additional markets in order not to be barred from the deal. In reaction to its proposal to add 3 cents fee for vendor-generated text messages, content vendors respond they would no longer be able to support Verizon customers. However, it’s now unclear whether the carrier will actually follow through with the charge.

Telus and Bell Canada announced plans to deploy HSPA technology by 2010.

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