GSM increases its dominance in APAC too

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In 2Q08, the GSM technology was chosen by over 97% of new connections in APAC, surpassing the current share of 80% of all cellular customers in the region – 1.24bn GSM-based customers vs 191m CDMA subscribers. Despite its own advantages, CDMA seems have lost the commercial battle. And it is not the only region, as we know this scheme is duplicated in LATAM and NA too. APAC was an early and important market for CDMA with S. Korea and Japan (KDDI), but two of the main S. Korean MNOs (SKT and KTF) decided to switch to GSM/WCDMA. Tough time for CDMA future!

Few additional information on the worldwide GSM market: current 3.3bn customers worldwide; 750 GSM network operators in 218 countries and another 292 operators committed to deploying UMTS/HSPA; 214 commercial HSDPA networks today in 93 countries; current 236m UMTS/HSPA customers worldwide.

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