Market Corner - 07/10/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Dell'Oro, the top 3 in the CDMA market includes ALU as a leader with 40% market share (down about 18%, but in line with recent concerns in its wireless unit), followed by Nortel at 33% (up 27%) and Motorola with 16% (down 16%). Others vendors had smaller single-digit shares (6% for Huawei, 3% for ZTE, but doubling in one year).

  • Yankee Group highlighted the synergy between cable operators and WiMAX operators. Cable companies are rich with content, but trapped in the house, when WiMAX operators can interconnect them and offer mobility and interactivity. More than 100 commercial operators are using the wireless broadband technology today.

  • According to J.D. Power and Associates, more than one in four (27%) US cellular subscribers have no landline phone.

  • According to MII, China telecom sector generated $216bn (+24%) in revenues in the first 8-mo period in 2008. Mobile segment accounted for 54% (+3.5%) and fixed telecom for 34% (down about 6%).

  • According to a recent poll by Wanderlust Magazine, 75% of travelers say “no” to mobile phones during flight.

  • Juniper Research forecasts that there would be 100m mobile users by 2013 making international money transfers.

  • ABI Research predicts a growth of 13% in annual handset shipment (to 1.3bn), despite the economy downturn and credit crunch.

  • Facing increasing competition from WiMAX, mobile phone vendors and PC makers join hands to offer built-in 3G in laptops, with the brand Mobile Broadband.

  • According to Point Topic, EU has 120m broadband users and a worldwide market share of 31%.

  • In-Stat warns that cellular base station shipments are dropping in 2008 (after an exceptional 2007 year).

  • According to a report from CFI, 66% of US consumers would prefer to bundle communications services from telcos rather than from cable operators, if given the choice.

  • Gartner estimates that there would be about 19m IPTV subscribers in APAC by 2012, generating some $3.5bn in revenues. On the worldwide scene, Gartner reported worldwide revenues of $19bn in 2012.

  • ABI Research said that APAC and EU would challenge the NA domination on the LBS (location based services) market with a respective market share of 27% and 31% versus 33% for NA by 2013.

  • We are at the dawn of a new computing revolution with mobile devices bringing computing to everyone,

everywhere and all of the time.

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