Vendor Corner - 07/10/08

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ALU approved six mobile WiMAX devices including MIMO technology and completing the highest level of interoperability testing. The products are from Siemens, ZyXel, Quanta and Accton. It also said it has deployed 30 WiMAX commercial networks and shipped over 9,000 Rev-e base stations.

Nokia' s 5800 XpressMusic, iPhone-like smartphone, will be available at $383 in 4Q08. The device will include 8 Go of internal memory, a 3.2 megapixel camera and S60 OS.

Nokia is buying the consumer email and IM company OZ, but could sell its security systems for professionals (firewall,...).

Nokia and Huawei have signed a cross-licensing deal covering all wireless standard patents of both parties.

Fujitsu Europe targets new European deployments (out of BT) for its Flashwave 9500 multiservice optical platform.

Harris Stratex introduced its end-to-end network solution for WiMAX networks and signed an OEM agreement with Telsima to achieve a full portfolio of WiMAX 802.16e products.

ADC introduces its FlexWave mobile WiMAX solution.

Transmeta is for sale.

Ericsson and Tatara Systems are joining effort on a CDMA femtocell solution.

ZTE announced the the world's first high-end HSDPA and TD-SCDMA mobile handset, called U990.

Huawei introduced the first 3G / 2G Software Defined Radio (SDR) RAN product, developed in team with Vodafone Radio Mobile Innovation Center in Spain. It expects selling its mobile phone division to Bain Capital and Silver Lake Partners.

Motorola would work on mobile phones based on the Google backed Android Operating System. It unveiled a M2M module that includes mobile WiMAX connectivity. The X24 module is developed with automotive telemetry in mind. It also launched its Smart Home technology to keep domestic appliances in homes connected without wires.

Apple is rumored to be working on a CDMA iPhone to be available next year. It starts selling its unlocked iPhone in HK.

IBM is making Lotus Notes available for Apple's iPhone.

HTC expects selling up to 2m G1 Android-based cellphone by end-2009, with about 0.5m in 4Q08.

Nortel' strategy in WiMAX is simple: OEM from Alvarion and WiChorus.

Samsung will replace NSN as the provider for the Sprint' s Xohm network in Dallas.

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