Market Corner - 29/09/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to ABI Research, the world mobile infra market would evolve, following the market shift to new strong markets in China, India, MEA, Latam, APAC and Eastern Europe. The worldwide market breakdown gives Ericsson with 29%, NSN with 23%, ALU with 13% and Huawei with 8%. In the US, market share breakdown gives Motorola with 46%, ALU with 21%, NSN and Nortel with 13% each, Ericsson with 10%, while Huawei is quasi absent with only 1%. In addition, Huawei has made an aggressive entry in the MEA (44% market share), Latam (10%) and Indian markets, and it will secure at least a 20% market share in the Chinese market in coming years. So Huawei is the rising star to watch, having ALU immediately in sight and could benefit of ALU' s concerns in management, portfolio rationalization and sales decrease. Mid-term, Huawei could become the world leader, with strong position in main markets.

  • Google challenges Apple' s iPhone with the introduction of G1, an Android-based platform, manufactured by HTC and sold first by T-Mobile USA. In Addition, Google challenges Apple' iTunes with a joint offering with Amazone' s MP3 music kiosk preloaded on T-Mobile G1.

  • The mobile phone would be (also) used to lock/ unlock the car doors and starting/stopping the engine. It is a new application launched by DoCoMo, Nissan and Sharp in Japan.

  • Nessi is surfacing again, but it seems serious now. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic have found a link between cellphone radiation and male fertility problems. Several doctors in the US urged Congress to call for a massive study to evaluate the health threat.

  • Virginia Tech researchers have developed world's smallest antenna for ultra-wideband communications. The solution was presented at the XXIX General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science in Chicago in mid-August 2008.

  • ABI Research said that femtocells and picocells should be part of LTE deployment, as LTE is using higher frequency bands that penetrate structures less effectively than low frequencies. This could be compensated by femtocells and picocells.

  • Supercomm is back. Globalcomm and TelecomNEXT will merge and reform the very successful trade show for 18 years. For 2009, the show will be held in Chicago from June 8-11 2009 .

  • IUT forecasts 4bn mobile subscribers before the end of the year.

  • According to Nokia, it held a 53% market share in Africa; a 61% market share in Asia, a 39% market share in China and about a 42% share of the European market.

  • According to ABI Research, 200m UMDs (ultra-mobile devices) would be shipped by 2013.

  • The worldwide sales of carrier Ethernet switch/routers rose 12% in 2Q08 to $538m, according to Heavy Reading. Cisco has about a 50% market share, followed by ALU, Hitachi and Juniper

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