Subscriber stats - 29/09/08

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China Mobile added 7.2m new mobile users in August to bring its total to 429m.

China Telecom ended August with 214m landline users (- 690k lines), and 41.5m broadband subscribers.

Mexico had over 73m mobile users at the end of June, ranking second to Brazil as the number of mobile users is concerned. Penetration is about 2/3, but increases at a steady rate. America Movil/ Telcel dominated the market with a 72% market share at the end of June and 52.9m subscribers, followed by Telefonica Movistar with 14m, Iusacell with 4m and Nextel with 2.5m.

USA: There were 3.8m households with FTTH connections , or a penetration of about 30% as 13.8m households are passed.

CALA: Most of the mobile subscriber base is GSM-based (over 86% - +1.7 points over 1Q08) while CDMA users contracted to about 48m on a total of 360m.

India added 9.2m new mobile users in August to a total of over 305m. Bharti Airtel had a 74.8m subscriber base; Vodafone Essar 52.8m; and BSNL 43.2m.

Pakistan added 238k new mobile users in August tot a total subscriber base of 89.5m.

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