Vendor Corner - 29/09/08

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Sony Ericsson follows Nokia' strategy for services. It launched its music offering in response to Nokia' s “Comes with Music” service. Its own service is called “Play Now Plus”.

Ericsson plans to establish an Innovation Center in sub-Saharan Africa.

Brocade/ Foundry is renewing its switching portfolio, with 6 new carrier Ethernet switch CES 2000 and 8 edge switches in L2 and L3.

ALU introduced a new data center service with the Data4 hosted service, managed by the Alcanet unit. It is the only one Tier 4 data center available in Paris area, France. It has launched a web-based Smart Metering user interface for the E-Metering field trial in Germany with DT. It also launched the 7705 SAR mobile backhauling solution including enhanced operating system software, and added three new features to its 7342 ISAM Fiber-to-the-User (FTTU) system for optical monitoring and enhanced connectivity. According to a federal court, Microsoft doesn't have to pay $1.5bn to ALU in damages in a patent-infringement case, judged several months ago.

Apple has shipped 5m iPhone in 3 months.

Motorola has launched two WiMAX interoperability testing labs, one in the US and one in Taiwan. It has also announced the launch of a new multimedia, linux-based, open source, set-top platform

NSN has launched a new microwave transport solution, FlexiHybrid, future-proof to packet-based networks, and the new A-series 2200 Carrier Ethernet switch.

Nokia will unveil its first touch-screen phone on Oct. 2.

Cisco announced it has bought Jabber, a presence and messaging software maker.

ADVA and CoreOptics have joined forces to develop a 10 Gbit/s optical module.

Qualcomm has infringed two Broadcom patents: it is the appeal court decision.

ZTE denies interest for Motorola' s handset unit or Nortel' s unit, but prefers to focus on organic growth. It has achieved the milestone of shipping 100m handsets. It targets a 20% market share in India.

Huawei is considered as the most likely suitor for Nortel' s Metro Ethernet Networks unit.

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