Operator Corner - Americas - 22/09/08

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ATT cuts its push-to-talk service monthly cost by 50% to $5.

T-Mobile USA is planning to launch the world's first mobile phone to be powered by Google' s Android software. It will expand its 3G coverage in the US to 27 major markets.

Leap Wireless plans to launch an unlimited cellular broadband service for $40 a month by the end of the year.

Telefonica El Salvador would spend an additional $15m this year (to already $21m capex engaged).

I2 Telecom International offers cheap calls around the world via smartphones, with its service myglobaltalk.com.

Verizon and NSN are testing 100 Gbits/s transmission over fiber.

Andinatel and Pacifitel (both in Ecuador) would merge into CTC, new state-run telecom operator, newt week.

Telus has started shutting down its old analogue phone network.

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