Market Corner - 08/09/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • F&S found that 60% of all 2008 enterprise telephony revenues would be IP-based in 14 APAC countries, reaching about $1.8bn this year. Total APAC telephony would reach $4.1bn by 2014 (with a CAGR of 6%).

  • Dell'Oro confirms ALU as the worldwide fixed broadband leader, with a 173m installed base, a market share of 39% and over 7.7m lines shipped in 2Q08.

  • Samsung has overtaken Motorola as the second GSM vendor in China to Nokia.

  • Qualcomm warns that mobile phone owners are delaying plans to replace their existing handsets.

  • Mobile payments would generate transactions worth over $600bn globally by 2013, according to Juniper Research.

  • Informa Telecom forecasts that operators will have to invest to cope with a sharp increase(1100%) in data traffic, but that related revenues will only grow by 77%. Is it sustainable? TeleGeography Research, however, found that the data traffic grew by 53% in past twelve months, down from 61%. Furthermore, the internet traffic now uses only 29% of the available bandwidth.

  • According to Infonetics, sales for carriers of IP core and edge routers jumped 17% sequentially and 40% yoy to $2.6bn in 2Q08. Cisco increased its market share to over 50%, followed by ALU and Juniper. But Fujitsu, Huawei,Foundry and NEC made significant gains.

  • European project HELIOS, aiming at combining a photonic layer with a CMOS circuit, has been awarded at a consortium led by CEA – LETI. The contract is worth €8.5m.

  • Google introduced last week a new free browser dubbed Chrome, that has been downloaded million times in two days.

  • Crisp Wireless said that US mobile internet usage has grown by 25% in 2Q08.

  • According to Compass Intelligence, US businesses would spend $12bn on mobile applications by 2012.

  • Canada will help Cameroon in building 300 community phone shops for 2,000 villages by 2015.

  • Important move in the mobile industry. With its UMB 4G project, yet waiting for a significant backer (even in the US), and with heavyweights, such as Verizon, Telstra, turning to LTE, the CDMA Development Group has wisely decided to back LTE and WiMAX for the future.

  • The Yankee Group forecasts that the broadband market (both services and infrastructure to consumers and businesses) would grow to about $900bn by 2012, from currently $590bn.

  • According to Infonetics Research, the worldwide sales of radio access network (RAN) equipment reached $10bn (+1%) in 2Q08, and the mobile softswitch market jumped 33% to $1.4bn. Main benefiters were Ericsson and NSN.

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