GSM technologies in Americas

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They are growing in number of subscribers, with a current market share of 67% and 472m GSM/3G users (+31%). More than 115m GSM/3G subscribers were added in twelve months, of which 8.5m were 3G. Most of operators are evolving their networks to HSPA, be it from GSM 2G-3G or CDMA (cf. Vivo in Brazil). Today, there are 29 commercial UMTS-HSPA networks in the Americas region in 16 countries, and this number is fastly growing. The trend is similar elsewhere, with worldwide forecasts from Informa Telecom giving over 500m UMTS/HSPA subscribers by the end of 2009, on a total of 3.9bn GSM/3G/HSPA connections. In LATAM, there were 354m GSM/3G users accounting for a 85% market share. The CDMA market continue to erode, down 19% to 48m subscribers.

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