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India added 9.2m wireless subscribers (GSM+CDMA+ WLL) in July, bringing its total to 296m. India had 335m telephone connections at the end of July, with a teledensity of 29.1%. Total broadband subscribers base reached 4.6m by the end of July.

Colombia increased its internet user base to about 1.8m, of which over 60% were broadband, at the end of June.

Mauritius had 929k mobile users (+20%) at the end of 2007, or a penetration rate of 77%, and 361k fixed telephone lines.

MobiNil (Egypt) had 15m mobile subscribers at the end of March and a market share of 51.5%.

ICE (Costa Rica) ended 1Q08 with 2.5m mobile subscribers.

PCCW Mobile (HK) reports 1.2m mobile customers, of which 290k were 3G at the end of June.

A-Mobile (a MVNO in France using SFR network) said it had 450k customers.

Tunisia: 8.1m (+15%) mobile subscribers at the end of June.

DT has reached its ten millionth DSL user in August 08.

Cosmote (Greece and Balkans) currently has over 17m customers.

Vimpelcom said it had 53.7m mobile subscribers at the end of June.

Chunghwa Telecom reports 8.8m mobile subscribers , of which 2.9m are 3G; 3.5m ADSL subscribers; 800K FTTB customers; 4.1m HiNet subscribers; 12.9m fixed lines.

MTN passed 74m mobile subscribers in June 08. It expects to add 22.7m new customers in 2008.

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