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DT plans to re-organize its call centers over a 2-year period. It wants to reduce their number to 24 (from 63) in Germany, and move 8,000 workers on a total of 18,000. Elsewhere, It said it is interested in acquiring a 15% holding in Serbia's telecom operator, Serbia Telekom.

Cablecom (Switzerland) is deploying bandwidth standard Docsis 3.0 for launching broadband services at 100 Mbit/s in 2009.

Hansenet (Germany) plans to launch free IPTV services in the country.

Telefonica raises its tariffs and cuts promotions in Spain, due to a drop in consumer spending.

OTE (Greece) has deployed a pilot WiMAX network in the Monasteries of Mount Athos.

UPC has launched a new service in Slovakia for business customers.

K-Telecom (Armenia) plans to launch 3G services in the country in early 2009.

Mascom Wireless (Botswana) has launched a 3G/HSDPA network in the capital.

Zain Saudi Arabia has launched its mobile network in the country and will spend $1.5bn developing its network. This network is part of the borderless One Network from Zain.

Vodacom (S. Africa) will buy most of Gateway Telecommunications SA (except the broadcasting arm) for $700m. In the same time, Globacom (Nigeria) proposed to merge with Vodacom, shaking up a potential deal between Telkom SA and Vodafone on the sale of 12% stake in Vodacom by Telkom to Vodafone. ......

Avea (Turkey) announced its decision to participate in the tender for 3G licenses in November 2008.

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