Financial performance - 31/08/08

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ZTE reported unaudited 1H08 results. As reported sales amounted to $2.9bn (+30%), of which $1bn (-2%) in China and $1.9bn (+59%) in export. Sales grew 42% in Asia to $819m, 107% in Africa to $556m and 49% in other regions to $461m. Sales were made of 38% in wireless to $1bn (+35%), 6% in core wireline to $161m (+32%), 21.5ù in optics and data to $615m (+40%), 22% in handsets to $620m (26%) and 13% in telecom software to $374m (+31%). The operating profit amounted to $67m, up 63%, while net income rose 20% to $97m. Gross margin was 32%, down from 35% a year earlier.

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