Top Mobile Infrastructure Vendors

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Dell'Oro reported 1Q ranking for mobile infrastructure vendors. The main information from the report is that traditional vendors are all loosing ground to Chinese vendors. Ericsson, NSN, ALU, Nortel and Motorola lost 0.3 to 2.1 points market share, while Huawei won 5.3 point in market share and ZTE 1.6 point. 1Q08 ranking is as follows: Ericsson leads the pack with 32.6%, NSN second with 23.9%; ALU third with 15.7%. Huawei is distanced with 8.2% followed by Nortel (8%) on its heels, Motorola (5.4%) and ZTE (3.5%). Huawei grew its market share by 183% while ZTE almost doubled its own (+84%). The supremacy of western vendors is under threat......

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