Market Corner (1) - 20/08/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • USA: champion of mobile internet subscribers according to Nielsen, with 40m users or 15.6% penetration. The UK and Italy followed with respectively 12.9% and 11.9%.

  • According to Point Topic, there were 15.4m IPTV subscribers worldwide at the end of March, of which 8.4m in Europe and 2.6m in Asia.

  • According to the FTTH Council, there were 32m FTTH connections worldwide, of which 27m in Asia, and 7.5m in China (second to Japan). The US are far behind with only 3.3m and Europe with 1.4m.

  • According to Gartner, ALU/ Genesys holds the second position in the worldwide contact center market with a market share of about 17.6% and 230k contact center agent seat shipments in a market worth about $2.35bn.

  • According to Analysys Mason, there would be 2.1bn mobile broadband users (of which 440m LTE) generating some $784m in service revenues by 2015.

  • GSA announced that 207 HSDPA networks were commercially launched in the world in 89 countries, of which 110 in Europe, 44 in APAC, 26 in MEA and 27 in the Americas.

  • According to ABI Research, WiFi hotspots will grow by 40% in 2008, mainly in Europe

  • Informa Telecoms predicts that revenues from mobile data services would grow to over $200m in 2008, from $157m in 2007.

  • Visant Strategies estimates the point-to-point microwave market to be worth $6bn in 2008, up 20%.

  • According to Juniper Research, there would be 2.1bn mobile customers that will pay by mobile by 2013. It also forecasts 1.7bn internet users by 2013 (from 577m today).

  • According to MultiMedia Intelligence, the mobile video and mobile TV market will exceed $15bn by 2012 (from $3.5bn this year).

  • 56% of all households in France have access to digital TV, according to NPA Conseil.

  • Yano Research Institute said that, in Japan, DSL revenues would decline 9% while optical fiber lines revenues would increase by 32%.

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