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France has 11.3m mobile internet users (penetration of around 20%).

Spain added 540K new mobile subscribers in 1H08 to bring its base to 51m.

Portugal has 1.9m mobile broadband subscribers and 1.6m fixed internet users.

MTS (Russia) had 87m mobile users at the end of June, of which 61.4m in Russia.

China is close 600m mobile subscribers; it would be the case by the end of August. .

China Telecom had 214.9m local access lines in service in June, down 0.6m. Broadband subscribers increased 0.9m to 40m at the end of May.

China Unicom ended July with 129m GSM mobile subscribers

China had 253m (+56%) internet users by end-June, of which 214m are broadband.

UK: over 10.8 m 3G subscribers at the end of March, out of a total of 70.7m mobile users. O2 leads the pack with over 20m, followed by Vodafone with 16.6m, Orange with 15.8m and T-Mobile with 10.2m.

Taiwan could have 11m 3G subscribers by the end of the year.

Colombia reached 36m mark in mobile subscribers.

Gambia said it has 800k mobile subscribers.

Nigeria reached 54m mobile customers at the end of July, up over 20m in seven months.

Hungary had 742k broadband users by June-end.

The Japanese broadband user base is likely to increase 8% to 31m by end-March 2009.

Singtel' total subscriber base reaches 198m at the end of 2Q08.

Brazil: 135.5m mobile phones in circulation at the end of July.

India: Bharti Airtel passed 75m customer base.

Russia: the mobile subscriber base reached 175.8m (up 3m) during July, of which 62m for MTS, 43.4m for Vimpelcom and 40m for Megafon.

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