Vendor Corner - 07/07/08

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Motorola confirms it will launch a new line of phones in 2009. Meanwhile, it has made an investment in advanced wireless firm Apprion.

UTStarcom will sell its personal communications division (PCD) to private equity investors for about $240m.

Nokia adds Warner Music catalog to its “Comes with Music” service. In a separate announcement, it said that it has found an agreement with local authorities in Germany over the closure of its plant in Bochum. It also settled its patent-infringement suits with InterDigital in the U.K.

Cisco seeks investment opportunities in Russia and the CIS and create a venture capital fund (Almaz Capital Russia) in collaboration with Almaz Capital Partners.

Ericsson got a $670m loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund R&D on the next generation of mobile broadband technology.

Huawei has shortlisted five private equity firms (of which Bain, KKR and Goldman Sachs) to bid for its mobile handset unit.

ALU and INRIA (France) debut a common virtual R&D lab focused on future networking.

ALU will use Broadcom' s passive optical networking (PON) chips.

Sony will invest over €10bn in R&D in the next three years.

Microsoft seeks the help of Time Warner and News Corp to get Yahoo's online search operations.

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