Operator Corner (1) - 07/07/08

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Orange has launched a new international marketing campaign with the brand tagline: “Together we can do more.” In addition, Orange launches a suite of new products, such as E-reader Read&Go (a sort of e-book with news, books and cartoons), 3D TV or E-Boutique (a virtual e-shop with e-payment and marketing tools), Interactive TV, Orange maps.

FT announced the withdrawal of its takeover offer for Teliasonera; shareholders and the financial community are happy with this decision. It launched its Orange network for voice and internet in Niger, and opened a WiMAX-based broadband internet service in Botswana. It said it will pursue acquisition path according to opportunities. It is considering entering the Algerian market via partnership with existing operators. FT has signed a MoU with UAE operator Etisalat to collaborate in three areas; home services, content and the international network. FT has opened an R&D Center in Optics Valley of Wuhan in China, jointly with Lenovo and Wuhan Donghu Hi-tech development agency.

SFR (France) said it is trialling an e-book using 3G/3G+. It is ready to pass 10m French households by 2016 (penetration of 40%) and 5m by 2012. Paris will be covered by 2009.

Free (France) borrows €1bn to pay Telecom Italia' Alice purchase.

Vodafone Portugal is offering in-flight phone calls on TAP aircrafts.

KPN (NL) plans to reduce data roaming fees by as much as 30%.

3 UK has signed a mobile advertising partnership with Yahoo.

Telenet (Belgium) has finalized the purchase of rival Interkabel (Belgium).

Netia (Poland) buys Tele2 Poland.

FRiENDi mobile will launch MVNO services in Oman, as it got a mobile license in the country.

Vodafone confirms it is buying a a 70% stake in Ghana Telecom for about €600m. It won a court case against the UK tax service worth £2.5bn. The UK Revenue & Customs department was inquiring applying UK tax rule to a subsidiary based in Luxembourg.

MTN (S. Africa) may end merger talks with Reliance.

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