Regulation Corner - 07/07/08

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EU: Both the EU Commission and the EU Parliament oppose the French decision to tax ISPs to compensate the stop of advertisement on state-owned TV channels.

EU approves the purchase of Navteq by Nokia for about €5.5bn

A new wind is blowing in Europe: mobile users could be charged to receive calls in the UK

Spain: the regulator CMT estimates that mobile call charges would drop by over 6% in 2008. The Spanish National Competition Commission (CNC) reports that Telefonica, Vodafone, and Orange were using price collusion and anti-competitive practices. They could be fined as much as a combined €1.5bn.

The Irish government plans to invest €435m in next generation broadband infrastructure.

Belarus is planning to award 3G licenses soon.

TRC (Jordan' s telecom regulator) plans to tender 3G licenses soon. It is also mulling a possible fourth GSM license.

The Oman' s government is considering selling the sale of a portion of its stake in Omantel.

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