Subscriber stats - 29/06/08

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India: added 8.6m mobile subs in May, of which 6.1 are GSM and 2m are CDMA. In total, India ended May with 206m GSM subscribers and 7.2m CDMA customers.

Europe: UMTS penetration rate was about 11% in Europe with over 101m subscribers

Bangladesh: Grameenphone subscriber base has passed 20m mark (+21%).

China: the mobile subscriber base reached 592m at the end of May, with almost a 45% penetration rate.

China Mobile added 7.5m mobile users in May and passed 407m subscriber base.

China Telecom lost 820k fixed line subscriber in May; its total at the end of the month stood at 215m.

Telenor said it had 150m subscribers , 60m of them in Asia.

Digicel (Caribe) ended its fiscal year with 6.5m customers (+39%).

Indonesia: there were over 16.5m CDMA 2000 subscribers in the country (+53%).

Mexico had 71m mobile subscribers at the end of March, up qoq 2.3m. America Movil totals 51.5m, or a market share of 72%.

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