Regulation Corner - 29/06/08

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FCC detailed plans for a 25MHz block of spectrum to be used for a single nationwide license AWS-3 and free wireless broadband.

EU plans to cut mobile termination rates by as much as 70% and promote truly cost-oriented termination rates to increase competition.

EU: EU has made a proposal for telcos to charge a 15% “risk premium” to recoup the cost of deploying a new high-speed network.

The LTE SAE Trial Initiative (LSTI) has outlined plans for cross-vendor device-to-network interoperability testing of LTE. In a first step, interoperability between devices and infrastructure will be defined (target: end 2008), then later interoperability between infrastructure equipment.

ICASA ( South Africa telecom regulator) has set new rules that limits lengthy contracts to 24 months in exchange for subsidized handsets, and bans the practice of SIM-locking or software locking.

Rwanda will soon issue the country's third telecom license.

The Irish Government plans to expand broadband coverage to every part of the country by the end of 2009.

Poland will tender two nationwide GSM900 licenses.

The Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS) and the LiMo Foundation will pool efforts and resources to unify and grow mobile Linux platforms.

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