People - 29/06/08

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Yahoo still in trouble: several top managers would quit the company. Brad Garlinghouse in charge of communication tools, was supporting a re-organization the portal; Qi Lu, executive VP in charge of search engine technologies would also be on the leave; Vish Makhijani was VP in charge of search tools; Jeff Weiner currently in charge of Yahoo' s most important division Services is said also quitting the company. Four other top managers have been quitting Yahoo in past few weeks.
But it announced a new organization aimed at more efficiency and better execution: Ash Patel will head a new division focused on Yahoo new products and services strategy; Hilary Schneider will add to her sales responsibilities, the responsibility of US products, and a third division is formed to monitor cross-the-company information. All 3 divisions will report to Susan Decker, president.

Carlos Sartorius joins Orange Business Services as COO.

Edward Bursk (ex Alcatel-Lucent) is joining KORE Telematics as new CMO.

Google appoints Patrick Pichette as senior vice president and CFO.

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