Market Corner - 22/06/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Juniper Research, there would be 816m mobile banking customers by 2011, generating some 37bn transactions per year. Bank of America currently has 1m mobile customers after one year of service.

  • Amsterdam (NL) is the first city in Europe to open a WiMAX network.

  • According to In-Stat, 62% of surveyed companies in the US currently remain scotched to legacy WAN services (ATM, Frame relay or leased lines).

  • ABI forecasts from 0 to 32m LTE customers by 2013, given a first commercial LTE service in 2010.

  • According to Morgan Stanley, iPhone will be a success with some 27m units to be sold in 2008 generating a revenue worth $13.5bn.

  • Private equity investors would rescue the WiFi network in Philadelphia, run up to now by EarthLink.

  • Demand for SaaS (software as a service) business applications is growing at a steady pace in the US, according to In-Stat.

  • Deutsche Bahn is testing mobile ticketing using NFC technology.

  • Cisco believes that video would account for 50% of total data transfers by 2012 (from 30% in 2008).

  • Synergy reports that the worldwide mobile infra market grew by 13% in 1Q08, driven by the mobile softswitch segment (+44%) and the UMTS segment (+27%).

  • Sony Ericsson expects a 10% increase in global phone market in 2008, while LG anticipates a 20% increase in 2Q08 vs 1Q08.

  • Berg Insight forecasts 49m European notebooks with broadband connectivity by 2013 (from 8.4m in 2007).

  • The worldwide sales of carrier Ethernet switch/routers rose 4% qoq and 26% yoy in the 1Q08 to reach $530m, according to Heavy Reading.

  • ZTE believes that LTE will win over other technologies in the race for 4G. Even CDMA operators will choose LTE instead of UMB and WiMAX as their mainstream technology (New China Telecom for example).

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