Subscriber stats - 22/06/08

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Denmark: there currently were 6.2m mobile users, 2.8m fixed lines, 2m broadband subscribers, 363k VOIP users and 48k triple-play subscribers.

Africa: 300 m mobile subscribers and a mobile penetration rate of about 30%, of which 82m in West Africa and 16m in Central Africa.

Nigeria mobile subscriber base rose to 47m at the end of April.

Brazil had over 130m mobile handsets in circulation at the end of May (+24%).

E-Plus (Germany) reports 16m mobile customers on mid-June, adding 1m in six months.

Uzbekistan had 7.2m mobile subscribers at the end of 1Q08 (+118%).

Ireland had almost 806k fixed broadband users and 186k mobile broadband subscribers.

Russian global mobile customer base reached almost 168m at the end of 2007. MTS, Vimpelcom and Megafon accounted for 83% of this total.

Ukraine: 55.1 m mobile users at the end of May.

China Unicom added 1.1m new users to bring its customer base to 169.7m

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