Operator Corner (2) - 22/06/08

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Sprint Nextel introduces new rate plans for family in an effort to keep its customers. For two lines and 700 calling minutes , it will cost $70 a month (a voice-only service); for two lines and 1500 minutes and unlimited messaging, it will cost $100 a month; unlimited date services can be added for $30 a month. Sprint Nextel has chosen entering in price war, as competition is around $50 per month more expensive than above family plans.

Verizon Comms announced plans to offer 50-Mbit/s FiOS service throughout its entire fiber footprint. It also announced discounts to wireless customers who don't have landlines but subscribe to broadband or FiOS TV services.

Cabase, an association of ISP providers in Argentina, plans to deploy an alternative optical fiber network to bypass fixed line incumbents.

DoCoMo announced plans to buy a 30% stake in TM International Bangladesh/Aktel for about $350m.

StarHub (Singapore) plans to introduce a Osaifu-Keitai – like mobile wallet concept in Singapore.

SK Telecom (S. Korea) eyes a stake in China Telecom, if conditions are right.

Telekom Malaysia plans to launch IPTV service in 2Q09.

Coscom (Uzbekistan) has renamed itself as Ucell.

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