Regulation Corner - 22/06/08

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The WiMAX Forum announced that 10 mobile WiMAX products get the official seal of approval for 2.5 GHz (four base stations and 6 terminals). Yes, base stations are certified to assure connectivity on any certified base station from any terminal certified.

EU : when some countries (China, Russia) are thinking to adopt the CPP (caller party pays) system, EU is proposing the opposite way. In EU, CPP is in place from the start in the 90s, but EU is thinking to change the pricing structure with mobile customers paying for received calls. Will users buy it?

ARCEP, the French telecom regulator, re-launches the fourth 3G license process in France. End of the mission: end Sept. 08.

VAMT (the German federation of alternative service providers) accuses DT to increase LLU (unbundling of local loop) fees by 70%.

Taiwan decided to cancel plans to sell part of its stake in Chunghwa Telecom.

Anatel (Brazil) has approved the acquisition of Brasil Telecom by Oi, meaning that a single telecom group can from now own two operating licenses.

FCC is changing its broadband definition: now broadband has a 768 kbit/s minimum speed (instead of 200kbit/s). In addition, it will report SP' subscriber numbers in several sub segment: from 768K to 1.5Mbit/s, from 1.5M to 3 Mbit/s, from 3 to 6 M and above 6 Mbit/s. It will also report separately residential and business broadband access.

Subtel, the Chilean telecom regulator, has published regulation for VOIP services.

ENISA, the European Internet information and security agency, will continue its mission up to 2009, despite low budget of €8m and only 50 people staff.

Turkey plans to launch a tender for 3G mobile phone licenses in November.

The Greek parliament has approved DT' s deal for OTE with split ownership and management control.

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