iPhone 2 is arrived !

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Apple has unveiled its new iPhone2. It is more marvelous than its predecessor. First with more features: 3G UMTS obviously, EDGE and WiFi, compatible HSDPA, support of MobileMe application to push emails and contacts, support of Microsoft Exchange and VPN IPsec from Cisco, support of iWork and Microsoft Office including PowerPoint, it is undoubtedly business-oriented. But with GPS, 2Mpixel camera, video reading, access to App Store platform for online free or payed content, it is also targeting consumers. In addition, the price is much lower than version 1: starting from $200 (instead of $400-$600). But Apple has also drawn lessons from the iPhone1 launch, and has unveiled a new marketing strategy to launch the iPhone2: no more market exclusivity with one operator per country (meaning no revenues sharing scheme), almost worldwide launch (in 70 countries), and more attractive promotion (including handset subsidizing) made by distributors. ATT will remain the exclusive US carrier channel, but will switch the previous revenue share arrangement in favor of a handset subsidy. With this new model, Apple clearly expects higher volume sales, but did not provide sales targets. Some analysts, however, are estimating 45m iPhones to be sold next year.

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