Operator Corner (1) - 14/06/08

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Hutchison Telecom will launch the iPhone in Hong Kong on July 11.

Temasek/ STT (Singapore) has agreed to sell its entire stake in PT Indosat (Indonesia) to Qatar Telecom (Qtel) for $1.8bn. The deal is yet subject to Indonesia approval.

Reliance (India) would be seeking $5bn from banks and equity groups for financing its expected purchase of MTN (S. Africa).

Vodafone would launch fixed line phone services to about 25% of the population of New Zealand, using Telecom' s copper lines.

BSNL (India) plans to cut mobile and fixed-line domestic call rates by up to 50%.

Bharti Airtel (India) plans to bring iPhone 3G to India.

Chunghwa Telecom would activate its JV with Viettel (Vietnam) to start services in the country.

PTCL (Pakistan) is planning to launch its IPTV services in the country.

PT Telkom (Indonesia) plans to invest $200m to enhance its internet services before the end of this year.

Telecom New Zealand will launch its 3G services in November 2008.

Colombian operator ETB plans to debut its IPTV service trial in 11/08, and will deploy WiMAX services this year to provide broadband wireless services in Colombia.

Axtel (n°2 fixed line operator in Mexico) is planning buying long distance and corporate communications provider Alestra SA (Mexico).

Gran Caribe Telecom plans to deploy a 1500km undersea fiber optic cable between Venezuela and Cuba.

CentroSur (Ecuador) is deploying an optical fiber ring in Cuenca for supporting the introduction of broadband services this year.

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