Regulation Corner - 08/06/08

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The Romanian regulator ANRCTI has issued draft terms for awarding a broadband mobile license in the 410-415/420-425 MHz bands.

As a consequence of last year roaming Eurotariff coming into force in EU, European operators have increased the price of roaming calls to the European Union as much as 163% to recoup their hundreds of millions of euros roaming revenue declines, as well as increasing their retail prices.

EU has made recommendation on shift to IPv6. The target is to switch 25% of the EU network to IPv6 before 2010, starting from now with new procurements from public agencies and businesses.

EU has given its approval for the acquisition of Trolltech by Nokia.

France: there were 23 candidates bidding for 13 mobile TV channels. The French Video agency (CSA) has granted a license to TF1, Canal+, I-Télé, Eurosport, M6, W9, BFM TV, NRJ 12, Direct 8 Mobile, Virgin 17, NT1, Orange Sport et EuropaCorp TV.

French regulator ARCEP has awarded 3G licenses for the overseas departments to Orange, SFR and Outremer Telecom in La Reunion, and Orange and Outermer Telecom in the French Antilles and Guyana.

In the UK, Ofcom is reviewing the prices that Openreach can charge service providers for its wholesale access telecoms services.

Bulgarian telecom regulator CRC has received 11 bids for the country's fourth cell phone license.

The FCC is considering auctioning off more spectrum with the condition that the winner would provide free broadband Internet access to the whole country.

Pakistan is considering connecting the country with India, China, Afghanistan and Iran via fiber optic cable, and linking 45 ministries to e-government over the next three years.

Colombia has approved a bill to implement number portability for both mobile and fixed telephony by 2012. It also unveils a national ICT plan for 2008-2010.

Algerian regulator ARPT has launched the process to issue 3G mobile licenses.

Cameroon has slashed call rates by 20%.

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