Gartner warns of more telecom change

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First Gartner analyses the current situation: during 20 years, operators have focused on efficiency, lowered their cost structure, but also increased their vertical integration with tighter coupling of business assets, despite some regulatory measures such as unbundling and accounting separation. The result is meager and heavyweights (mainly ex incumbents) continue to weight on and limit rival' s access to their network. Gartner (and regulators) believe that the primary reason for this lack of progress is vertical integration. They both advocate for further structural and ownership separation, and the adoption of a more horizontal model. Gartner acknowledges that local adaptation would be necessary to this global trend, but also said that the move will directly impact mature telecom markets in developed countries where competition needs to be improved. In short, it is the end of the telecom carrier. Gartner qualifies the change as drastic and does not exclude some government intervention and market engineering in some countries in the next five years. High investment in next-generation broadband network could be the opportunity to re-balance competition in the market. One of the first examples could be Australia funding large part of the G9 consortium to build a broadband network.

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