Operator Corner (1) - 18/05/08

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Another operator commits to LTE. Alltel (USA) has committed to LTE for a 4G network in four or five years.

Verizon Wireless joins the LiMo Foundation that targets to deliver an open handset platform for the whole mobile industry.

Verizon Business continues efforts to expand its IP footprint worldwide with new IP nodes in China, Malaysia, Philippines and S. Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Romania and Bulgaria. Verizon IP nodes can now be accessed in 121 countries across the world, and further deployments are scheduled this year.

Virgin Mobile USA is in preliminary discussions with SK telecom. Discussions could lead to a merger with SKT' s affiliate Helio (USA).

Sprint Nextel has accepted the first WiMAX network built by Samsung (in Baltimore/ Washington DC).

Vodafone and Entel (Chile) have signed a partnership agreement to market Vodafone-branded products and services in Chile.

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