Regulation Corner - 18/05/08

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NZ Communications has bought mobile spectrum in the 800MHz/900MHz bands from operators Telecom and Vodafone, in order to redistribute cards in spectrum allocation and allow the emergence of a third mobile operator in the market.

The Federation of Bosnia will privatize its two state-run telecom service providers: HT Mostar and BH Telecom. DT would be given a preferential treatment in buying HT shares as it already owns 39% of the company. The government will retain 25% stake + a golden share.

Bangladeshi telecom regulator (BTRC) announces it will award WiMAX service by this year's end.

Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) in Jamaica is planning to award WiMAX licenses in the next four months.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has reduced mobile termination rates by about 30%.

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